Coaching and Mentoring

A safe sounding board, sage strategic advice and pertinent questions generate valuable insights for more effective leadership.


As a coach and mentor for new and emerging leaders, I understand that I am eminently replaceable. By you.
My intention is to help you be accountable for being responsible, for yourself. To see and hear yourself clearly and to make the changes that will make a positive difference in your life so that you can make more of a difference in the world.

My most important role is to listen….

To openly share insights and strategies that I have learned in leadership. And to ask insightful questions for you to identify your own strategic learnings.

To support you… to be who you are really here to be. To back yourself.

To lead the way with greater courage, resilience, authenticity and wisdom.


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Have an upcoming speech, pitch or presentation but going to google for advice just isn’t cutting it?

Watched hundreds of TED talks but can’t find the right formula for you?

You need some sage advice about speech content and specialist help to wisely refine your speaking style.

You need The Speaker’s Sage. 

Sage: (definition) Wise through reflection and experience. Proceeding from or characterised by wisdom, prudence and good judgment.

The Speaker's Sage

Below is a description of Public Speaking Coaching Programs we currently have available. 

Public Speaking Coaching

• Observation of you live-in-action at a meeting or presentation of your choosing/via video footage that you provide to me prior to our first session. We will discuss your goals/objectives and work through comprehensive feedback and relevant tips and tools to hone your speaking. 

• Guided speech/presentation preparation/development of a “communication for change” pitch or a signature speech. You send me the speech notes or brief before we meet and we spend time doing during the session- exploring content ideas/planning/writing/editing.

• Refinement session during which you come prepared to deliver the same speech I saw in the first session with changes made or, alternatively, a 5 minute piece that we film and consider together. We explore further refinements to your delivery style and approach. This could also include me putting you through a Q and A/simulated media interview depending on what your needs are. 

The Speaker's Sage: Package 3 x 2 Hour 1:1 Sessions

This option would suit best if you need sage advice on developing or refining a speech but don’t have much time to spare!   

• 2 hour coaching session that can be tailored to your most pressing public speaking need.
• 30 minute phone call/30 minute Skype session to receive advice on an upcoming address.

The Speaker's Sage: Individual Session

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