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Words conveying world-changing ideas. Sentences that invited new insights. Inspired changes of heart. Challenged the status quo. Powerful speeches that propelled shifts of consciousness. Provoked others to speak up. Catalysed movements. Spoken with passion and conviction by leaders who were the message and lived the changes they wanted to see. Leaders with the courage to speak into resistance. Acknowledge deeply felt fears. Voice values.  


Martin Luther KingNelson MandelaMalala Yousafzai.

World changers. Communicators for change. 

Every great change in history began with one person’s words…

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Mia is an inspirational speaker - engaging and dynamic.

She shared her career and life story at a Women on Board's session in Adelaide in a way that emphasised both the triumphs and challenges she has experienced and ensured a deep connection with the audience.

Wendy Teasdale-Smith, Women on Boards Coordinator sa


Mia is an intelligent and eloquent speaker. At our Women in Local Government Conference, she candidly shared her story to our 200 delegates. Mia’s honesty and candour was refreshing and authentic.

Taryn Sexton, CEO, Local Gov Prof Assoc


Thank you for your fabulous presentation at the Active Ageing Australia conference. You were awesome! I have received so many positive comments about the overall conference and in particular about the impact of your presentation. You connected with everyone in the room and the energy and emotion that you created was inspiring and moving. We feel that the event was highly successful and that the calibre and generosity of the speakers was fundamental to the success.

Melanie Smith, CEO, Active Ageing Aust


Having Mia as a mentor has been an incredibly enriching experience; professionally and personally.  Mia has helped me in developing confidence and communication strategies, focusing in on my goals and she has become a great sounding board for me to explore and challenge myself in a safe and respectful environment. The learnings I have made about myself have been so supported through her willingness to be open and share her own advice and strategies on her journey through leadership. Mia’s ability to ask questions, reflect and provide support has been truly valuable in finding my way.

LISA GASCOIGNE, Young Women's Leadership Coordinator, YWCA

A safe sounding board, sage strategic advice and pertinent questions to generate valuable insights for more effective leadership.

Courageously authentic keynote speeches provoking powerful insights, inviting new thinking and invoking different ways of seeing the challenges and opportunities of leadership.

Capacity building workshops and purposeful conversations for individuals, teams, organisations and communities seeking clarity, new ideas and a collaborative culture.

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Consulting services and capacity-building for leaders who want to make a meaningful difference and are convinced about the need to do it differently.

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A courageously authentic leader and strategic thinker, Mia Handshin has a strength for identifying  new opportunities in the challenges facing communities, organisations and individuals.

She is an engaging facilitator, inspiring speaker, insightful coach and a uniquely experienced mentor who makes a meaningful difference for new and emerging leaders.

Leading the Way. Transforming the Way We Lead.

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